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Help Page

Here you will find some explanations on some of the features. We've ordered them by the most important.

Skype - Want other members to Skype you from your profile? Just add your Skype name to the Skype Page and members will be able to Skype you. If you only want members that are in your Favorites to see your Skype, make sure you set it to Favorites Only. This can be located in the My Account tab.

SMS Notification - Want to be notified by SMS on your cell phone when you have an email waiting for you? Simply add your mobile number to the SMS Page and choose your carrier and you will get SMS alerts when you have a new email.

Change Password - Want to change your password or your email address? Then click on the Edit Account Page within the My Account tab and change your password, first and last name and you're email address. Do know that if you change your email address you have to confirm it and verify it. If you don't get the email, check your spam folder.

Email - To Email someone you can do it one of two ways. If you have added someone to your favorites list then they will show up in the drop down under the Compose menu in the Email area. You can also email someone from their profile view as well as other profile views with a search. You can also create custom folders to move emails into. All this can be done from the Email Page.

Search - If you want to search for people then click on Search and you'll be presented with the basic search page. Here you can Rest Your Search to your location. Also, if you customize a search here then you can name and save that search and come back later and click on it to see those results. This saves time if you are seeking something specific. You can also do a username search here as well. Just start typing the username and the system will present you with all the profiles as you type the letters that they start with.

Advanced Search - If you want to refine your search then you can click on Advanced Search. Here you can refine your search based on profile questions as well as locations.

Saved Search - This is the list of Saved Searches you saved from the Basic Search page. Just click any of your saved searches to see those results.

Bio & Essay Questions - If you want to add a Bio to your profile and answer the Essay Questions, then go to the Bio & Essays Page under My Media and fill out the information. Please save each one separately. Once your Bio and Essay questions have been answered and approved, they will show up on your profile view.

If you need help with other features, Please do let us know.

If you want to change any of the text in this help page please search the admin language area for code: HELP_TEXT